Engineered Hardwood Floors

Wood flooring is one of the most prominently famous concepts for contemporary houses. It is favored for its sophisticated and subtle appeal and most importantly its durability.

Wood flooring is available in two predominant patterns, namely, solid wood flooring and the most commonly used engineered hardwood flooring. Engineered hardwood floor is installed by joining several layers of plywood. These different layers are pressed and glued with each other to make them sturdy. Mostly, the inner layers are comprised of hardwood or softwood whereas the topmost layer is made of veneer. The wood layers use the tongue and groove system for better strength and easy installation.

An engineered hardwood floor can have sizes varying from 3 to7 inches; however, the most commonly used size is about 5 inches wide. The preference of this type of flooring over any other pattern can be traced to the fact that this type offers maximum resistance from moisture and hence has a shelf life of about 40 to 100 years generally. Some of the popularly known flooring patterns in this category are made of oak wood, hickory, maple and even bamboo. used engines near me

Your budget can help you determine the choice of wood that you would like to use for your floor. From cheap and eco friendly bamboo layers to elite and exorbitant Maplewood, everything can be customized to satiate your styling needs. Installing this type of wood floor is extremely easy and requires minimal effort. The installation can be done using the nail down method, where in the wood layer is nailed with the ground for better stability, or the glue down method that involves sticking the flooring to the ground by making use of adhesives.

Although the flooring comes prefinished and is quite tolerant of moisture to a great extent, yet a good care regime for your flooring is necessary if you want more value for your bucks.


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